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Why you should start preparations to list your home now

Why You Should Start Preparations To List Your Home Now

The signs are positive to list your home for sale in Victoria.  Our tough COVID-19 restrictions are finally showing some results as the number of daily new cases continues to trend down.

All the experts are saying that the real estate market will pick up rapidly as soon as stage 3 lockdown restrictions are lifted.  If you are ready to sell your property, now is the time to start the preparations to list your home.

Selling your property is more than just contacting a real estate agent and listing your property.  There are several pre-selling activities you have to undertake if you want to sell your house quickly and at the best price.

Here are some essential things you can do now while we are sitting out the last few weeks of our Lockdown restrictions.

1. Find an Agent to List Your Home

In these unusual pandemic times, the best way to sell your home is with the assistance of a professional real estate agent.

The real estate industry in Australia is one of the success stories on how businesses have adapted to the pandemic.  Not only has the industry embraced technology, but they have also proven that this form of virtual selling can work.

Consequently, Australia’s property market has remained stable throughout the first and second wave – a clear indication that consumer confidence is still high.

Finding the right real estate agent for selling your home

You only need 3 good reasons to use an agent:

  • A real estate agent has superior online selling capabilities that can reach out to more potential buyers
  • An agent has a database of potential buyers they can immediately promote your property to
  • A real estate agent can give you valuable advice and guidance about selling activities including online auctions and virtual open inspections

Top tips to find the best agent to list your home:

  • Find a local agent who sells in your area. A local agent knows your area and can positively represent all the best features of your home and the neighbourhood
  • Choose an agent who is a digital native. Nearly all the promotional and selling activities today are online.  Finding an agent who is technologically-savvy means you will have the best marketer for your home
  • Look for an agent you can work with. Does the agent listen to your needs and goals?  Is he or she giving you good advice about your property?  Do they tell you how they intend to promote and sell the home?

Researching your neighbourhood

2. Research Your Suburb

If you want to sell your property quickly, you must do some research about your neighbourhood.  Your research should include both properties that are on the market and those that have sold.  Look for properties on your street or neighbourhood to get an indication of what buyers are looking for and the price they are prepared to pay for the property.

Your real estate agent can also provide you with market reports that will give you in-depth knowledge about property movements in your area.

3. Prepare Your Property

There are very few properties that do not require some makeover before you list your home.

Cosmetic improvements can be DIY.  In a lockdown, you have the time to browse the internet to read about interior design and to find the design themes that best suit your home.

Using neutral Colours for styling your home

Cosmetic improvements need not be expensive.  Simple things like a quick coat of paint, mowing the lawn, planting a flower bed, and a new set of curtains and matching cushions can make a big difference.

A simple rule of thumb when you are decorating to sell is to stick to a neutral colour palette.  If you are looking for some great ideas that won’t break your bank account, read more Our Local Agent blogs here.

As a final step in making sure your home looks appealing to potential buyers, clear it of excess furniture pieces and decor. Leave only key pieces on display, and temporarily keep the rest in a unit at a self storage facility.

If your home needs major renovation to sell, lockdown does not permit home renovations unless it is an emergency.  However, you can still take this isolation period to get your paperwork sorted out.

The Australian government’s stimulus is something you can explore if you are planning a major facelift for your home.  Check out the HomeBuilder Scheme here or the recent post we spoke about the Government Grants.

HomeBuilder Home Renovation

Now is also the right time to start enquiries with a builder and to book your job so that they can come out to your property first as soon as restrictions are lifted.

4. Get Your Virtual Selling Tools Ready

Virtual selling is now the new normal.  Even when lockdown restrictions are lifted, the threat of future lockdowns is real.  Instead of taking a gamble with uncertainty, why not just use online selling to sell your home?

Virtually Selling your home Online

If things improved and your agent can return to some face-to-face selling, then your property will have the best of both!

The time you have in a lockdown can be proactively used towards learning about virtual selling methods.

Here is a snapshot of how real estate agents today are selling properties online:

Photo gallery for interior home

Photo Gallery

A photo gallery is a collection of photos taken by a professional photographer.  Visuals tell a thousand stories.  Your photo gallery must highlight the best aspects of your home if you want to sell it successfully.

3D Floorplans

3D floorplans show the layout of the property so a potential buyer can visualise where things are.  The plans are interactive. A buyer can zoom in and out of a specific room.

360 Camera View for selling your home

360 Virtual Walkthroughs

A combination of 3D and 360 HD photos, immersive virtual walkthroughs allow a potential buyer to ‘walk through’ of your home.  It is like a physical inspection of your home.

Video Tours

Video tour combines drone photography with professional video footage and a strongly written narrative to present your home in the most immersive format.

Online Auctions when you list your home

Online auctions are now one of the most effective ways to sell a property.  Online auctions are similar to traditional in-person auctions, but virtually.

Potential buyers have to complete a simple but robust registration process to join an online auction.  During registration, they have to provide proof of identification, contact details and a refundable deposit (if they are intending to bid during the auction).  They will also have to pass a fraud check.

Online Zoom Auction for selling you house

Online platforms are secure and legally compliant platforms.  All transactions are conducted digitally including the paying the deposit and signing the contract of sale.

Your agent is the best person to give you advice about online auctions.  They will also help you prepare a strategy to sell your home.

If you want some first-hand knowledge about how online auctions work, please visit GAVL and AuctionNow websites.  There are some brilliant taped videos of an actual online auction that you can watch.

A recent news report indicated that there could be a rush of buying interest as soon as restrictions are eased. Sydney and Brisbane have already seen a huge surge since lockdown has lifted for them.

Capital City Auction Statistics for October

If you have made all your pre-selling preparations now, you could be amongst the first to list your home.  With the first-leader advantage, you will enjoy the opportunity to sell quickly and at the price you want!

Interested in finding out how much your home is worth on the market?  Contact your local agent here.

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