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About us

Every day 1000s of home owners are thinking about what their next step is for their property. Do I sell, rent it out, buy an investment, downsize/upsize … a thousand other examples (we can keep going). Why couldn’t this be as simple as going to the first real estate agent and putting it on the ‘market’? Because the truth is … it isn’t easy. For many home owners it is a scary decision to make and a decision they do not want to regret. Who can I trust with this decision?

Answer: Trust yourself

Our service is built around training homeowners like you to be prepared against the agent, the buyers and the occasional nosy neighbor. OurLocalAgent allows you to be fully equipped with the knowledge needed for being on top of your real estate goals.

The team at OurLocalAgent are made up of 3 active Real Estate consultants that share their up to date knowledge and experience of the local property market.