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50 Amazing Ways to Increase the Value of Your Property Vol. 2

Last month, we featured 50 Amazing Ways to Increase the Value of Your Property. To create our list, we researched the items in a house that can help sell your property.  We also spoke to Laura Voinea from the Our Local Agent team for her professional take on what real estate agents look for when they assess a property.

In this second of three articles, we go into detail of the first 25 items listed in our 50 Amazing Ways to Increase the Value to Your Property’.

These 25 home improvement projects can potentially increase the value of your home.  We’ve added some suggestions and ‘secrets’ from the experts to help you add value to your property.

Read on to find out how you can dramatically increase the price of your home.

1. Street Appeal

Your home has one chance to create a good first impression.  Very few buyers commit to a home without looking at it first.  Online images are great, but everyone knows it can be photoshopped.  We want to see for ourselves.

Make the prospective buyer fall in love at first sight with your home and they will find it hard to resist your asking price.

2. Paint the Exterior

Painting the exterior of your home makes your property stand out from other properties on the street.

A fresh coat of paint is pleasing to the eye.  It also creates an impression that the property is well maintained. If buyers think they are not going to fork out a fortune maintaining the house, they are more likely to make an offer.

On the other hand, a house with peeling paint is an eyesore.  If a buyer decides to make an offer, he/she will want a reduction in the price and painting the exterior will become a reason to lower the sale price.

We recommend a neutral colour to appeal to all types of buyers.  Bold colours may look great, but they are a trend and trends don’t last.

3. Change Your Front Door

The front door is the grand entrance to all the wonderful treasures the buyer is going to discover inside your property.

Grey front door with european door handles

Replacing your old front door with a shiny new one is a good investment if you are planning to sell your property.  If your door is in perfect condition and just needs a coat of paint, try choosing a bright and crisp colour that is inviting to the eyes.

Secret Tip:

We recommend investing in door hardware.  European-designed door handles and door pulls are hard to resist.  They add an immediate luxurious feel to your home.  Try sand cast brass, bronze or unique ironmongery for maximum appeal.

4. Landscape the Garden

The garden is intimately linked to the overall appeal of your home and can directly influence a buyer’s decision on the property.

The experts at Our Local Agent say that a poorly maintained garden can reduce your property’s value by up to 10%.  On the other hand, a beautiful garden can add tens of thousands of dollars to increase the value to your property.

When styling your garden, repetition, colour, tone, texture and keeping things simple works.  The best gardens are the ones that are green, tidy and well-mulched.   A splash of colour draws attention.  For maximum visual appeal, try one colour in varying shades and height.

Backyard rose garden

If you are planning to tackle the landscaping yourself, research garden designs first and plan carefully.  That way you are not wasting money buying items that do not work.

Need professional advice? Your local garden centre has expert gardeners who will be more than happy to help you.  Take a photograph of your property before you go.  It will make things easier.

Secret Tip:

Fresh lawn for the buyer to walk on is extremely inviting.  Mock turf is not and may not increase the value to your property.

5. Fix the Roof

If the useful life of your roof is going to raise a question when you sell your property, then it is time to bite the bullet and invest in a new roof or repaint.

New Tiles Colourful shingles

Unfortunately, buyers notice roofs.  It’s not just about curb appeal.  It’s about maintenance bills.  Everyone knows roof upkeep is expensive.

Sometimes, all you need is a quick clean-up.  Tree branches on the roof, clogged and sagged gutters and algae are detractors that can stop a buyer making an offer.  These issues are easily fixed.

6. Render Your Exterior

Rendering your exterior can dramatically transform your house’s aesthetics and increase its value.  Rendering is the process of covering existing surfaces with cement, lime, acrylic or some other material.  It is a great way to hide wear and tear, uneven brickwork and wall imperfections.

Rendering is a relatively affordable way to modernise your home.  Traditional rendering includes white, grey or black although pigments can be added to the mix.  We recommend you keep to a contemporary colour scheme to appeal to a wider range of buyers.  You also need to consider how the house will look with other houses on your street.  The last thing you want is a house that is going to stand out for all the wrong reasons!

7. Fix the Gutter

The gutter is part of your roof maintenance.  Planning a DIY gutter replacement? Check out this handy DIY website for a step-by-step guide on how to replace the gutters.

8. Arm the House

An alarm system increases the perceived value of your property.  We install alarms to keep our family safe.  A buyer will feel the same way if your house has a good alarm system.

Consumers advocate has a list of the top 10 best home alarms featured by the ABC.  Check out their website here.

9. Add Some Lighting

Put your home in the best light by adding some exterior lighting.  Outdoor lighting adds ambience and a sense of security to your property.

Out door seating area deck patio with light up pool lights used to Increase the Value to Your Property

Our best outdoor lighting suggestions:

  • Sensor lights are a must for front and back door security.
  • 1950s industrial-style pendant lights are great for patios.
  • Sconces and custom lanterns are brilliant to light a path from the front porch.  They are great for verandas as well.
  • Table lamps add an unexpected ‘indoorsy’ feeling to a covered outdoor area.
  • Frosted pendants are great for entryways.
  • String lights go well with high ceilings and porches.
  • Recess lights work in a patio or veranda.

10. Refresh Your Fencing

A beautiful fence frames the house.  If you add a fresh coat of paint or a decorative finish, you are creating an impression.  When it comes to what type of material to use for your fence, look towards your neighbourhood for inspiration.  You want your home to be seamless with the look and feel of the street.

Secret Tip:

Here’s our take on what to expect:

Wood – moderately priced, low maintenance.

Acrylic – expensive, decorative, low maintenance.

Aluminium – expensive, low maintenance.

Wrought iron – expensive, decorative, relatively high maintenance.

Chicken wire – forget it!

11. Trim the Trees

If you want your home to sell at a higher price, don’t hide your house behind an overgrown tree or an untidy shrub.  A few simple tools and some free time can yield an impressive ‘curb appeal’ result.

Not sure how to trim and prune?  The internet has a plethora of advice for DIY projects.  You can also hire the services of a professional gardener.

12. Mow the Lawn and Trim the Hedges

Untidy lawns will not increase the value of your home.  If you are planning to sell your home, then you will have to roll out the lawnmower first.  Can’t get motivated to mow the lawn? It’s time to call the lawnmower man…

Secret Tip:

Have you heard of lawn staging?  As with the interior of your home, your lawn or garden will also need some staging if you want your property to sell.

Think Marie Kondo outdoors.  Potential home buyers love neat, tidy and decluttered lawns and gardens.  Cars, kids’ bikes, trikes, trash cans and toys should be placed in the garage with the door closed.  Patio and deck furniture should be clean and tidy.  Quirky yard ornaments should be removed and hidden away until the house is sold.

13. Fix the Drive

If your neighbours have pristine driveways, you may have to upgrade your driveway before you sell.  Driveway repairs are not just about getting the best price for your property, it is also about getting the property sold.

14. Put in a Feature Mailbox

Mailboxes in Melbourne have just seen a revival because of coronavirus online shopping.  Modern, contemporary, rustic or antique?  There are many styles for you to choose from.  The best thing about mailboxes is that they are eye-catching but super affordable.

15. Create an Outdoor Room

The outdoors is quintessentially Aussie.  If your backyard or balcony does not have an area dedicated to entertaining, creating one can dramatically increase the value of your property.

Using outdoor furniture to help Increase the Value to Your Property

If you have an existing hard surface – like a deck or a balcony – converting this space into a space for lounging, socialising and dining will make the home more appealing to buyers.

Building a new space from scratch? Consider installing hard flooring and roofing for all-weather uses.  Include mood lighting, paving and natural greenery for a total look.

Secret Tip:

If you are not selling your home immediately but need some major renovation for more outdoor space, check out the Government’s coronavirus stimulus package for homeowners.

You can read about the Homebuilder Scheme in ‘Should You Renovate? The Government HomeBuilder is Paying‘.

16. Invest in Some Gorgeous Pots

Giant pots are small investments that can make your home more attractive to buyers.  They are perfect for displaying your greenery and showcasing your home’s aesthetics.  The best thing about pots is that you can take them with you to your new home.

Pot plants decorations

Here are our top suggestions:

  • Urn planters in freckled gold add class.
  • Wooden barrels are great for ‘cottagecore’ appeal.
  • Irregular angles and shapes add texture and interest.
  • Slick tall planters are contemporary and modern.
  • White-washed terracotta adds softness.
  • Blue and white Ming Dynasty pots add class.
  • Burnt orange terracotta give out a Mediterranean vibe.

17. Tidy Your Garage/Tool Shed/Man Shed

Buyers love poking around.  They may even ask the agent if they can look inside the garage.  A cluttered garage is not a good look. You don’t have to go overboard with the decluttering.  Put small items into a box and push it to a corner or stick it on a shelf.  Larger items can be arranged in some order.  Dust the shelves and sweep the floor.

18. Add Shade and Screen

Adding privacy to your home adds value to the property.  Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Lilly Pilly is a common privacy choice for Melbourne homes. It produces cute pink berries which can be turned into jam.
  • Pittosporum Tenuifolims are hardy hedges with tiny leaves and very little maintenance.
  • Viburnums are evergreen hedging varieties that grow up to 3.5 metres high. They are low maintenance hedges.
  • Bamboos are great screening plants for two or three-storey homes.
  • Climbing roses and jasmine are wonderful to hide an unsightly garden wall or fence.

19. Buy Some Outdoor Furniture

The right outdoor furniture can elevate your property’s appeal and increase the value to your property.  Ideally, you want outdoor furniture that can cater to both entertainment and relaxation.  Go for a multifunctional furniture setting that allows you to wine and dine friends, take an afternoon nap, read a book or have a family meal with the kids.

Our recommendation for the perfect alfresco experience is a generous 8-10 seating dining table with a mixture of bench seats and chairs.  If your outdoor area is small, scale it to a 4-6 seating table.

20. Say ‘Welcome’

Very affordable option.  Nothing is more welcoming than a bright new ‘Welcome’ mat.

21. Hose Down the Exterior Walls

Washing down your exterior walls before showing your home can create a good impression for your home.  Before you start washing the walls, check windows, roof and exterior moulding.

22. Install Pavement

New pavement can improve the price of your property.  Pavement comes in a wide range of colours, textures and styles.  Deciding on the right one for your home can be daunting so we’ve listed our top suggestions below:

  • Grey weathered paving stones add a modern contemporary look.
  • Intricate circular patterns add style.
  • Stone offsets create a unique look.
  • Large paver stones highlight the features of a retaining wall.
  • Understated classic paving pairs well with a piece of lawn.
  • Tuscan-styled pavers are great for a BBQ or pool area.

23. Put in Window Appeal

Old Rotted windows with cement walls

Pay special attention to how your window treatments look from the outside.  The best window treatments are uniform in colour, style and the degree blinds, curtains and shutters open or close.

24. Add a New Entry

One of the easiest ways to add value to your property is to include a new entry.  French doors or double sliding doors?  The choice depends on the aesthetics of your home.  Adding a door that leads to the garden gives the impression that the room is larger than it is.  A door is also a brilliant way to promote an indoor-outdoor flow.

Secret Tip:

French Doors vs Sliding Doors

Operation: French doors are hung on hinges. They swing either inside or outside.  Sliding doors run on a track.  Both are easy to use and require cleaning and maintenance.

Space utility: French doors will use more space than sliding doors.

Security: Sliding doors are more secure than French doors because all the panels are fixed.  Double-glazing is more secure.

Energy efficiency:  French doors are a little more efficient because the central panes are smaller.

25. Use Quality Real Estate Signage

The quality and condition of the ‘For Sale’ sign on your front lawn reflect how you (and your agent) view your property.  While different sizes and styles are apportioned to different size properties and price points, the signage should always reflect the pride of the property.  Invest in good signage that is dignified and can stand proudly on your lawn.

Have our tips helped you sell your property or increase the value to your property?  Drop us a line on 0422 110 973 or ‘share’ this article with friends.


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