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getting your outdoor area ready for summer

Is Your Outdoor Area Ready For Summer in Keysborough?

Summer is almost upon us in Keysborough.  How ready is your outdoor area for all those fabulous summer BBQ and parties you are planning to host?

Here are 7 amazing ways to get your outdoor living space summer-ready.

1. Spruce Up The Garden

Time to take the lawnmower out of hibernation and give the lawn a good haircut.  While you are at it you may want to pull out the whipper snipper and give the hedge a trim as well.

outdoor gardening in a home at westwood boulevard keysborough

One of the simplest and low maintenance ways to prep your garden this summer is mulching.  Mulch does a host of good things for your garden.  They suppress weeds, provides moisture, and keep the roots of plants cool on hot days.

Choosing the right mulch for your garden is important.  Organic mulch like grass clippings, wood bark, compost, leaves will decompose and fertilise the soil, but they will need topping up every 12 to 18 months.

Inorganic mulch like stone and pebbles are permanent and are usually laid atop a layer of landscape fabric.  The best way to decide which type of mulch to use is to ask yourself: ‘Will be digging up the garden to plant ornamentals?’ If you are planning to do replanting, then go for the organic mulch.

stone mulch outdoor garden bed for a home on bracknell street keysborough

To mulch your garden, follow these simple steps:

  • Ideally, your mulch should be between 2-6cm deep. You don’t want the mulch to be too thick because it can harbour pests.
  • Calculate how much mulch you will need (Multiply the size of garden bed by the desired depth of mulch in metres. For example, a 3×3 garden bed with a 6cm mulch is 3x3x0.06m = 0.54metres.
  • Weed the area, wet the soil, and spread the mulch evenly over the surface.

Need some inspiration on what to plant in your Keysborough garden for summer?  Check out Gardening Australia’s plant finder here.

For convenience please check out Keysborough local suppliers like Garden World and Bunnings.

2. Expand the Outdoor Seating

Out Door Dining area in preparations for summer

If you love entertaining in summer, you will need plenty of seating for all your guests.  It is important to select your seating style according to how you like to entertain.

For example, if you like spending time with your guests rather than dashing in and out of the kitchen, try incorporating your BBQ to allow you to do most of your cooking outdoor.

A movable butcher’s block is an elegant addition to your outdoor cooking space because it functions as a food prep area, storage cupboard for crockery and a drinks’ display unit.

Plan your layout before you buy the furniture

If your patio is small, consider investing in furniture that can provide maximum seating without taking up too much space like a picnic table and benches.  Ceramic stools are multifunctional.  They can be used as side tables or additional seating.  They can also be clustered together to become a coffee table.  Other space-saving ideas include a coffee table with additional storage and platform-style sofas with armrests for you to pop a glass of wine or a plate of nibbles.

3. Position for Comfort and Maximum Views of Keysborough

When arranging your outdoor living spaces, consider comfort and maximum views.  Think about a view worth facing.  Avoid putting furniture in the direct path of the afternoon sun as it will be unpleasant for your guests.  Consider the distance between the kitchen to the outdoor dining area and create as much flow as possible between both.  If you live in an apartment in Keysborough or Noble Park, look for a spot in your balcony that is not too windy.

blacony view in Noble Park

Invest in some good quality furniture.  If you are buying an outdoor sofa, make sure it has a strong foundation with comfortable cushions to sit on.  The more comfortable you make your outdoor spaces the more enjoyable the experience.

4. Prepare for All Types of Weather

Australian summers can be fierce.   Keep your guests cool and safe from harmful UV rays by providing adequate shade in your outdoor living space.

Consider whether you want to build a permanent structure (like a pergola, awning, or covered patio) or a movable umbrella.

5. Decorate for Entertaining

Up the ante of your summer outdoor entertaining with some clever accessories.  Here are some great design ideas from our vendors in Keysborough:

Outdoor decking area and entertainment

Ambient lighting

Good lighting is important for outdoor entertaining.  The easiest way to create this look is by using festoon lighting.  Hang on the ceiling, drape over the balcony or on a tree.

Mood music

Get your playlists ready for your party or when you just want to relax and unwind.  Invest in a good Bluetooth wireless speaker to get the maximum impact.


Cushions are an effective and affordable way to design your outdoor space.  Decide on the colour scheme you would like to have this summer and buy a selection of cushions.  Add texture with different materials and sizes.  When choosing outdoor cushions, avoid trying to go too big.  Cushions that are bigger than the sofa are uncomfortable and clumsy.  Be sure to buy cushions made with weather-friendly fabrics.


 Match your cushions and furniture with several cleverly curated throws.  Choose a light, washable fabric.


 A weather-proof rug is a great way to add colour and style to your outdoor living space.  Rugs can also be used as a demarcation to separate entertaining and relaxation spaces.

Table centrepiece

Dress up your outdoor furniture with a gorgeous table centrepiece.  Choose fresh flowers or herbs to add colour and fragrance to your outdoor dining experience.

Outdoor hanging plants

Hanging plants

Hanging plants add colour and vibrancy to your outdoor living space.  Create a Mediterranean feel with some low maintenance fuchsia and red bougainvillaea.  Other flowers that look adorable in a hanging basket include petunia, geranium, pansy, impatiens, verbena, lavender, and begonia.


Refresh your old outdoor furniture with a fresh coat of paint.

6. Create Relaxation Zones

Summer is a great time to relax and unwind outdoors. There are so many different parks in Keysborough but what if you want your own private space?  A comfortable sofa can function as an entertaining hub as well as a private space for some well-deserved ‘me’ time.

Japanese Zen Garden on Clarendon Drive Keysborough

Get creative with your special relaxation spaces by looking for nooks and corners where you can place a comfy lounge chair or install a swanky porch swing.  Don’t forget to include a matching mini side table for your glass of wine or cup of tea.

7. Get the Kids Outdoors

Outdoor Area for the children

Give the kids a healthy summer by enticing them outdoors.  The older kids will love hanging out in the relaxation zones you have created.

Here are some great ideas for the younger ones:

  • Set up a tent or tepee on your balcony as an outdoor play area for the kids
  • Create a water slide for hours of fun
  • Invite the kids to join you in your garden makeover
  • Put a large weather-proof rug on the floor and some toys around it so the little ones can play outdoors
  • Build a sandbox
  • Buy a swing and slide set

For more inspiring ideas to add to your Keysborough or Noble Park home see ‘50 Amazing Ways to Increase Your Property’s Value

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