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50 Amazing Ways to Increase Your Property’s Value of 2020

The economy is re-opening.  First-home-buyers and property investors are tired of quarantine and will want to start inspecting properties again.  Especially, now that restrictions on auctions and home inspections have been lifted. If you’re planning to put your house on the market, here are 50 amazing ways to increase your property’s value.


1. Create a fantastic street appeal

First impressions count if you want to win in the real estate stakes.  Aim for a ‘Wow’ as a potential buyer arrives outside your home.

2. Paint the exterior

A shiny new coat of paint is a guaranteed winner when it comes to getting a higher price for your home.

3. Change your front door

Imagine walking up to a grand entrance.  Not a pokey aluminium screen with holes in it.

4. Landscape the garden

The month of July is still a good time to be outdoors.  Take time off ‘working from home’ to do some gardening.  It will pay off in terms of raising your property’s value.

5. Fix the roof

Big price items like roofs are bound to increase the value of your home.  Fix it. Wash it and paint it.

6. Render your bricks

If your exterior bricks are looking tired, it’s time to refresh them. A rendered look will bring it back to 2020.

7. Fix the gutter

Another worthwhile investment if you want to sell your house at a higher price.

8. Arm the house

Everyone’s concerned about security these days.  Installing a smart home alarm system will be a massive differentiator for your home.

9. Add some lighting

Every buyer notices this – does the house have security lighting in the front and back porch?

White picket fence in the front yard to Increase Your Property’s Value

10. Refresh your fencing

Get rid of that ugly chicken wire installation and replace it with a gorgeous white picket fence.  Your house will have that fantastic street appeal and will be sure to increase your property’s value.

11. Trim the trees

You’ll be surprised how many buyers notice hanging tree branches.  Get the trees trimmed so you don’t have to trim your sale price.

12. Mow the lawn and trim the hedges

If you’ve been neglecting the lawn and the hedge, now is a good time for a ‘haircut’ before the agent arrives for the appraisal.

13. Fix the drive

Potholes mean holes in your pocket when it comes to getting a good result for your house.

14. Put in a feature mailbox

It might seem like nothing but buyers notice.

15. Install a birdbath

Who doesn’t love the sound of birds chirping happily in their garden?

16. Invest in some gorgeous terracotta

Plants in pots look great. The best thing about it, you get to take them away with you when you move.

17. Tidy your garage/tool shed/man shed

Plenty of time during ‘work from home’ to get started with this project. Tidy homes fetch higher prices.  It’s worth the effort.

blue weatherboard home with cute flower decor hanging from the windows

18. Jazz it up

Add colour with late autumn blooms.  Impress with a vegetable patch or a herb garden.

19. Buy some outdoor furniture

Wicker, wrought iron, or timber?  Now is the time to grab some good bargains as furniture retailers open their doors for business again.

20. Say ‘Welcome’

Very affordable option.  Nothing is more welcoming than a bright new ‘welcome’ mat.

21. Hose down the exterior walls

The weather person are forecasting good weather for most of Winter.  Time to hose down the walls, remove the cobwebs and give it a good clean.

22. Pave the way to a higher house value

Paving is a great investment to create a suburban homely feel.   Think garden paths, driveways, patio, or pool area

23. Put in window appeal

Windows appeal to buyers.  Bring light into the home with big bold bay windows and brand new window frames.

24. Go French

Open up the living spaces and create flow by replacing walls with elegant French doors or gorgeous timber ranch sliders.

25. Go Zen

A feature Zen garden is an eye-catching figure that will fetch you a higher sale price for your home.

26. Add a new car porch

A tradie and handyman can do this for you easily. Make sure to apply through your local council.

27. Paint your garage door

After a tidy-up and a wash.  Put on a coat of paint to freshen up your garage.

28. Build a deck

A deck is great for outdoor living and adds an extra WOW for your home and visitors.  If you’ve got an old deck, give it a makeover.

29. Build an extension

New living spaces like an additional bedroom, a new bathroom, a home office and so forth add value to your home. The new Government Homebuiler grant is definitely something to take advantage of right now.

30. Upscale your kitchen

It’s time to give your 1990s kitchen a brand new modern look.  Kitchen renovations are an excellent investment to increase the value of your property.

31. Refresh the bathroom

The bathroom is the most private room in the house.  Give it a new luxury look with soft lighting and bold colours to help increase your property’s value. There’s nothing more satisfying than to step into a fresh new bathroom.

32. Strip the old wallpaper

If you’ve got 1980s wallpaper that’s ‘So Yesterday!’ it’s time to remove them and cover it up with a coat of paint.

Painting the walls in neautral colour to Increase Your Property’s Value

33. Paint a neutral colour

Neutral tones are magic.  They complement any design theme.  The last thing you want is a potential buyer not putting an offer in because he/she doesn’t want a purple room.

34. Invest in a new flooring

The floor is the largest area in a home.  It’s also the one that most people will notice first.  It’s a worthwhile investment when selling.

35. Get rid of parquet

Parquet is hard to pull off unless you are a design specialist.  Invest in a new floor instead.

36. Go for a splash

Splashback glasses are showpieces.  Be daring and find a design that will make your kitchen pop.

37. Open up living spaces

Tear down a wall to create a better flow between kitchen and living and outdoor spaces.

38. Create more light

Replace old light fittings with modern and in-trend lighting to add more value to your home.

Beautifully renovated kitchen with mosaic splash back and pendant downlights to Increase Your Property’s Value

39. Create more storage

New wardrobes in the bedrooms.  Shelving in the laundry.  Cupboards in the kitchen. A new pantry.  The more space you create the higher the price you can fetch for your home.

40. Fix the plumbing

Anything like plumbing will be picked up in the builder’s report.  Fix it so you don’t have to discount on the sale price we want to increase your property’s value.

41. Remove mould and mildew

Again, the builder’s report will pick this up.

42. Call the pest controller

Before you list the house, be sure that any pesky problems are taken care of.

43. Buy some new furniture

The old couch is not a centrepiece.  Neither is the Lazy Boy you inherited from your grandad.  A few carefully curated pieces of furniture goes a long way in creating the right impression when selling your home.

44. Change the curtains

Modern automatic blinds or new sheer curtains look great in any home.  It’s all about the look.

45. Get some cushions and rugs

Simple things like cushions and floor rugs make a big difference in enhancing textures and colours in interior design.

46. Channel your inner Jackson Pollock

Include art pieces into your eye-popping room décor strategy.

47. Get insulated

Split unit.  Central heating.  Underfloor heating. Insulation.  All these elements matter in pricing.

48. Get smart

Smart technology in homes is all the rage these days.  They are also smart investments if you want to sell the home at a higher price.

49. Be sustainable

Solar panels. Energy-saving halogen lamps. Recycled concrete. Whitewashed walls.  Keep the environment safe and keep your price high.

50. ‘Marie Kondo’ your home

Everyone loves going into a tidy home.  They love buying one as well.


There you have it!  50 bright ideas to increase your property’s value before you list it.  Beware not to get carried away with your home improvements.  You want to optimise the spending not maximise the loss. In the next few articles, we will drill down to the details so you can get the best value for your house without breaking the bank.

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