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5 Amazing Renovation Ideas to Increase the Price of Your Home

Every homeowner wants to sell their property at the highest price.  Our top 5 Amazing Renovation Ideas will help you increase the price of your home.

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Renovation can add value to your home

Sometimes when the real estate agent is stuck with the best adjective to describe a home, they will use the words ‘full of potential’.  In real estate, nothing is truer than the phrase ‘Money makes money’.

Invest money in some much-needed upgrade and you will be hearing words like ‘OMG!’ ‘I love this!’ and ‘How do I make an offer?’

Don’t know what to renovate for the best returns?  Read on.

1. Kitchen renovation

Red and White kitchen with stone bench with red crockery pots

The kitchen is one of the rooms every buyer focuses on when they enter a property.  Upgrading your kitchen can result in a higher valuation and therefore a better sale price for your home.

There are plenty of amazing renovation ideas but here are some of our top kitchen upgrade ideas to increase the value of your property:

Add an island

A kitchen island creates more bench and storage space and is a guaranteed value booster.  Functional islands ideally should have around 1-metre of space on either side to allow for seamless movement and flow.

Add height

Old design kitchens tend to have less storage than modern kitchens.  If you’re renovating your kitchen consider lengthening the cupboards from floor to ceiling.

Open shelves will need cleaning and styling so only install these on spots you can reach.  For higher spots, install closed cupboards.

Upgrade the benchtop

Benchtops are a worthy investment.  If your budget is limited, hard-wearing laminates are a good option.  These surfaces can imitate a variety of materials like marble or timber and won’t blow a hole in your bank account.

Choose the right style and colour

Try not to be too hip with your choices.  While you may be attracted to the chilli red splash glass or bright orange and blue tiles, it might be better to stick to safer classical themes.  Neutrals are good.  White can come in many shades.  So can greys and beiges.

Don’t go cheap

Buy some decent brands for the appliances.  Look to buy appliances in the same brand and range for a stylish accomplished look.

Use lighting

A set of pendant lights is not just eye-catching, they are extremely functional and can change the mood of the kitchen in an instant.  Add light in parts of the kitchen where meal prep is carried out.  Position lighting in front rather than overhead or behind so you don’t accidentally cast a shadow while you’re working in the kitchen.

Go small if you can’t afford big

If you have a small budget, try affordable kitchen improvements like a new coat of paint, a new stove, or new cabinet doors and handles.

2. Bathroom renovation

Just how much value does a bathroom renovation add to the value of your home?  If you listen to the experts, the answer is quite a lot!

Amazing Renovation Ideas for the bathroom using mosaic tiles and oval mirror

When renovating the bathroom to sell, don’t aim to win any design awards.  There are countless amazing renovation ideas to be put into the bathroom but don’t use them all.  Your renovation should be optimised to enhance the bathroom so the house can sell at a higher price.

Use space creatively

Don’t knock out a wall to accommodate a double sink just because it looked so good in the showroom.  Work with the space you’ve got instead.

Fix the leak

If you’ve got an old leak, call the plumber to fix it before you list your property.  Potential buyers are not going to make an offer on a property with visible leaky marks on the walls.


Accessories are affordable options to dress up the bathroom to fetch a better price.  Detachable attachments like taps, shower head, and shower screens can bump up the sale price.

Add lighting

That single dim bulb doesn’t work.  Consider installing some proper lighting that is light but still cosy and inviting.

Replace the bathtub?

This is a tough one.  Some people love luxuriating in a bath.  But if you have a small bathroom and a bathtub that has seen better days you may want to reconsider.

3. Repainting

Repainting the house is an effective way to show off the home’s best qualities and to hide flaws.  Your adult son’s first crayon colourings on the living room wall might look cute but a buyer is not going to think so.

Painting can transform a home from dated to modern.  It can brighten, create an illusion of space, and add mood to the entire home.

Check out some of this year’s favourite colours from Dulux.

4. Curb appeal

If you are renovating your house to re-sell, consider a facelift to the front of the house.

When the ‘For Sale’ sign goes up on the street, you want a magnet that can draw the crowds into the house.  Nothing speaks of first impressions better than the front of the home.

Change the front door

Treat buyers to a grand entrance with an impressive front door.  A new, modern door adds an immediate ‘Wow’ even before the buyer has seen any other part of the house.  If you cannot afford a new door, try refreshing it with a coat of paint.

Landscape your front garden

Don’t let the ‘jungle’ outside distract from all the great features inside the house.  Get the garden tidied up.  Put in some landscaping.  Trim the trees and hedges.  Install a brand new letterbox.  Everything counts towards a gorgeous first-impression.

Add light

If you’re planning to list your property now, remember we’re in winter.  Daylight hours are shorter.  There is more grey than blue in the sky.

Add some lighting to the front porch to welcome potential buyers.  Make it a security light and your price will light up too.

5. Add new spaces

The right type of home extensions can add value to your property.  Here are some home extensions that work:

Add a new room

Adding a room will add value to the house.  Whether it’s a study, a guest bedroom, or a home office or a family room.  The right type of room extension is a bonus for buyers.

Expand outdoor spaces

Expand outdoor and indoor spaces with clever renovation ideas to increase the value of your property.

Amazing Renovation Ideas that used blue colours for the porch and the swing

A contemporary back patio can be turned into an all-season living space by installing a timber deck, concrete or tile flooring, and a roof extension or a pergola.

Open up your dining room to the patio by removing an entire wall and replacing it with French windows or large timber-framed ranch doors.

Convert the garage

Add a floor to the garage and turn it into a granny flat for extra living spaces.  If the new buyer loves entertaining but values their privacy, a well-appointed granny flat above the garage could appeal.  The flat can also become an Airbnb earner when travel resumes.

With home renovations for profit, always plan with a broader audience in mind.  The last thing you want is for a buyer to factor your renovation cost into their offer because they love everything about the home except that quirky new kitchen you’ve just installed.

Poorly completed DIY renovations are also a big no-no if you are thinking of renovating to sell.  Use a professional so you can get the right reaction from buyers.

If you are needing inspiration for some more Amazing Renovation Ideas or need personalised advice feel free to contact me here.

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