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How I Used Property Styling To Increase The Chances of Selling Your Home

There is more to selling your home than just putting it on the market. You also need to prepare your space for buyers who want a tour of your home. When you put your home on the market whether it is in Toorak or Keysborough, we do something called property styling, also known as staging. Your space becomes a showroom to potential buyers, and the key is to appeal to as many buyers as possible. Let’s go through how I used Property Styling in a Keysborough home to increase their chances of selling their home.

Here is a guide of how I used property styling to increase my clients chances of selling their home. If you are putting your home on the market, you are welcome to use these ideas to increase your chances of selling as well.

Create A Welcoming Environment

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The first thing your buyers are going to see when they arrive to your home is your exterior. A healthy landscape, clean porch and tidy yard can boost your curb appeal. You can even update your address numbers and mailbox. Styling your exterior not only leaves a good impression on your buyers, but it creates an environment that invites them into your home.

Give It A Good Cleaning Before You do Property Styling

What do you do when you invite family or friends into your home? You clean it to make a good impression. Think of your buyers as guests in your home, and you want to make a good impression on them. If your buyers walk into a cluttered or filthy home, they may cut their walk through short. Once you get your buyers to attend an open house, you want to make them feel excited to walk through your home.

Eliminate The Lived-In Look

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When you have lived in a home for years, of course it is going to have a lived-in look, and that is usually okay. However, your home needs to look brand new to your buyers. We eliminated the lived-in look by packing up personal items, painting walls a neutral color and making the necessary repairs. Remember, less is more, and this made their home look as good as new.

Create More Space with the Property Styling

Open living space to make the home look larger and spacious for guests

Part of styling the home is packing away the excessive furniture and accents, from the long ottoman to the oversized woven basket. You may not feel these pieces are taking up a lot of space, but your buyers may feel crammed in your living room or bedroom. When you pack up your excess pieces and only leave the essentials, you are creating more visual and physical space.

Open Their Imagination

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One thing a buyer is going to do when they walk through your home is picture their own life in this space. While packing up your favorite photographs and knick-knacks is not always fun, it is a necessary step in property styling. If the home is full of too many personal items, it is going to be difficult for buyers to picture their furniture and accents in this space.

When I introduced property styling to my client in Keysborough, I was able to attract more potential buyers. If you keep the above tips in mind, I have no doubt that you are going to increase your chances of selling your home.


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