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A Guide to Oakleigh, Victoria

Oakleigh, Victoria is a thriving suburb located in Melbourne and 14 km south-east of Melbourne’s CBD. It’s home to a large number of businesses and cultural attractions, making it a great place to live, work, and play. This guide to Oakleigh will give you an insight into what this amazing residential area has to offer.

Who Lives in Oakleigh, Vic Suburb?


Oakleigh, Vic has a strong Greek presence, with many Greek immigrants arriving in Australia around the mid-20th century. In fact, fourteen percent of the population speak Greek – making it the second most common language, after English. This cultural diversity makes Oakleigh, Vic a unique and vibrant suburb.

The average age group of Oakleigh’s residents is 37 years old, with couples with children making up most of its 7893 population. However, because of its sizable central business district (CBD), you’ll also find many young professionals who have made Oakleigh, Vic their home.


Is Oakleigh a Good Suburb to Live in?


While not being the biggest suburb, Oakleigh’s CBD is one of the largest near Melbourne. Spanning nearly 9 blocks, the CBD has an abundance of businesses, including cafes, restaurants, hotels, speciality shops and retail stores. Eton Mall is a particular standout, where residents have access to various grocery stores, banks, chemists, salons and a fantastic dining scene.

Most people in Oakleigh rely on their cars when it comes to transportation. However, the suburb is a transportation hub and part of Melbourne’s eastern bus network, with many bus routes servicing the area. The Oakleigh Train Station is also conveniently linked to Eaton Street’s pedestrian zone, where residents can travel to Melbourne’s CBD in under 30 minutes.


Oakleigh Median House Price & Median Unit Price


Because of Oakleigh’s proximity to Melbourne’s CBD and many amenities, it’s one of the more expensive suburbs to live in. Its housing scene is also diverse like its population, with a mix of large four-bedroom homes, Californian bungalows and smaller rental units occupied by young professionals.

In 2022, there is currently an average demand for property, with each receiving 517 visitors on average. Oakleigh’s median house price is $1,390,000, with the median unit price sitting at $650,000. Currently, there are 70 properties on sale with 42 properties for rent.


Oakleigh, Vic Median House and Unit Prices


Listed below is property sales data on Oakleigh, Victoria’s median property prices:


Houses Price Unit Price
2 Bedroom $1,245,000 1 Bedroom $462,000
3 Bedroom $1,365,000 2 Bedroom $614,200
4 Bedroom $1,505,000 3 Bedroom $965,000


Oakleigh Vic Property Rental Price List


Listed below is property sales data on Oakleigh, Victoria’s property rental prices:


Houses Rent Per Week Unit Rent Per Week
2 Bedroom $433 1 Bedroom $350
3 Bedroom $500 2 Bedroom $395
4 Bedroom $645 3 Bedroom $525


Should You Invest in a House or Unit?


Oakleigh House Buyers


Oakleigh houses have seen a capital growth rate of 18.26%% over the past year and 6.09% annually over the last three years. This increase in property value fares extremely well compared to other Australian suburb homes. As a result, Oakleigh is now ranked 409th place among the fastest-growing suburbs in its territory.


Oakleigh Unit Buyers


Unit owners, in contrast, have not enjoyed a good year, with their property value only increasing by 5.72%. Results haven’t been much better in the last three years either, appreciating only 8.64%.

So, what’s the verdict? If you’re looking for a property with a financially successful track record, houses are the obvious choice. The growth capital of houses far exceeds that of units, but they’ve also performed strongly against other suburb houses in Australia.

To learn more about Oakleigh’s property, contact one of OurLocalAgent’s experienced real estate agents. We’ll help guide you through what this fantastic suburb has to offer.


Safety – Oakleigh, Vic 3166 Crime Rate


According to RACV, Oakleigh’s burglary rate is higher than the state average, with 1 in 165 homes being burglarized to Melbourne’s 1 in 148 homes. Oakleigh’s violent and property crime rate is also above Melbourne’s average. Because of this, it’s essential to be vigilant when living in Oakleigh and take the necessary precautions, such as installing security systems and cameras.


Oakleigh, Vic Lifestyle – Places to Go and Things to Do


Oakleigh is an excellent suburb for those who enjoy a busy CBD featuring plenty of amenities. The suburb also has a number of parks perfect for a family day out and a bustling shopping and market scene. With that said, let’s go through some of the best places to go in Oakleigh:

Eaton Mall 


One of Oakleigh’s focal points, Eaton Mall, is a shopping haven for residents and visitors alike. The mall is home to various grocery stores, banks, chemists, salons and even provides a fantastic dining scene. Whether you’re looking for a new outfit, some groceries, or catching up with friends over dinner, Eaton Mall has you covered.

Greek Food Walking Tour


Oakleigh’s vibrant Greek community has made the suburb a hub for all things Hellenic. The best way to experience this is by going on one of its guided walking tours, introducing you to Greek culture. You’ll get to taste Greek favourites like bougatsa, a filo pastry with custard, as well as olives, yoghurt, and bread from the area’s many traders. By the end of your tour, you’ll have a greater understanding and appreciation of Greek food and culture.

Brickmakers Park


For a bit of peace from Oakleigh’s lively atmosphere, take a trip to Brickmakers Park. The park is perfect for a family day out, with plenty of walking trails, a basketball court, garden areas and BBQ space. It’s also well-maintained by the council, so you can be sure that it’s always looking its best.

Oakleigh Rotary Sunday Market


When the Oakleigh Rotary Sunday Market opened in 1986, it had 20 spaces. Now it has 170, making it one of Oakleigh’s largest weekend markets. The market is open every Sunday from 8 am to 1 pm and sells everything from fresh produce, plants and flowers to clothing and books. You’ll also find a wide range of new and secondhand goods, making it the perfect place to find a bargain.

Oakleigh Recreation Centre 


The Oakleigh Recreation Centre is a great place to stay active and meet new people. The centre has a wide range of facilities, including a stadium with four courts, a modern outdoor pool, a health club, a Crossfit area, and a cafe. It also provides massage services if you need a little relaxation.


OurLocalAgent – A Guide of Oakleigh, Vic 3166


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