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How To Make A Small Space Feel Bigger Before Selling Your Home

Living in a small home does not mean you are going to have a hard time putting it on the market. In fact, there are several ways to create the feeling of more space. When it is time to start preparing your home for your potential buyers, use the following tips on how to make a small space feel bigger.

Clear the Clutter

Whether you are packing your seasonal decor or getting rid of unwanted items, you need to clear the clutter before your open house. The more items that take up physical and visual space, the more your space is going to feel small. You want to show off an open, airy space to your buyers.

Small round dining table with four white chairs in a apartment style kitchen

Downsize your Furniture

Part of clearing the clutter is downsizing your furniture. For example, you can pack up the chair or bench from your bedroom, leaving only your bed, nightstand and dresser. In your kitchen, you can pack up your bar cart or extra chairs until after the move. A common suggestion has always been changing to a smaller dining table to open up more space for your prospective buyers. You are basically hiding the excess pieces that are not a “one-size-fits-all” addition.

Hang Up Mirrors

While you are going to be packing up a lot of accents and accessories, you do want to leave a few mirrors on the wall. In fact, a strategically placed mirror can make a room feel bigger. One example is a mirror across from your window. The mirror reflects the natural light and brightens up the room, making your small home feel more open.

Painter holding a paint roller painting the wall grey

Paint In One Shade

Painting a room in one shade gives it a seamless look that makes a small home feel bigger. It is best to use a neutral shade, as vibrant or neon colors may be too distracting to your buyers.

You should only display the accents and accessories that match your walls, as this keeps with the seamless effect. You are going to have to depersonalize your home anyway, so you may as well pack up your more colorful pieces now.

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Avoid Covering The Walls

It is one thing to hang up a painting or mirror, but you do not want to cover your wall in accent pieces. You already know that clutter can make the room feel crammed, and clutter on your wall is no exception. When making a small room feel bigger, pack away most of your wall art, and let a wall with little-to-no pieces on it do all the work.

Soft grey sofa with rug on the bottom

Ditch The Smaller Rugs

Switch out your smaller rugs for one large rug as needed. It creates one zone to make the room feel bigger. You should also go for solid colors rather than patterns, as some patterns can make a room feel smaller. If your floor does not need a rug, then skip the rug altogether and show off your flooring. This way, you are creating more visual space for your buyers.

As you can see, how to Make A Small Space Feel Bigger is very possible when preparing for your buyers. All you need is less clutter, more organization and a few illusions.

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