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Online Zoom Auction for selling you house

5 Creative Ways to Selling Your House Online

Selling your house online is now the new normal.  In Melbourne, a second spike of COVID-19 resulted in more Stage 3 restrictions and mandatory mask-wearing.  Until a vaccine is discovered, homebuyers and homeowners must expect lockdowns to become commonplace in the property market.

Despite a wavering economy and two lockdowns, demand for properties in Melbourne is encouraging.  Government stimulus for first-home buyers and smart investors looking to buy in the pandemic has resulted in a steady stream of buyers.

Properties are selling online.

Victorian styled homes build on a slope or a fall

Selling your house during COVID-19 pandemic is going to be different because of social distancing rules.  Fortunately, the real estate industry is prepared to handle these changes and selling your home now is not going to be a problem.

Digital tools today are sophisticated and highly immersive and with the sudden need for social distancing, virtual selling has become an effective option to support limited face-to-face selling activities.

If you want to maximise your house’s selling potential, an important consideration is finding the right agent who can balance virtual selling with face-to-face activities.

Here are 5 amazing things about virtual selling you must know when selling your property today:

1. What is Virtual Selling Your House 



Virtual selling employs a range of sophisticated digital tools to simulate ‘in-person viewings’ of a property.  While they cannot replace face-to-face interactions, they create a powerful visual impact that can influence a potential buyer to ask for a personal viewing of your property.

Virtual reality for selling your house

Personal viewings of no more than 2 persons are allowable in Melbourne.  But the coronavirus threat can mean some buyers are minimising the risk of infection by only viewing properties they are genuinely interested in.

If your listing is supported by virtual selling tools, you could dramatically increase your chances of getting a viewing and therefore, potentially selling your home.

2. How Does Virtual Selling Work?

There are many forms of virtual selling in real estate today.  Here are a few examples:

Photo gallery

Photo galleries are still photos taken by a professional photographer.  They are still the best attention-grabber in real estate.  Images are usually the first thing a buyer sees when they start searching for properties to buy on the web.  Your photo gallery is supposed to put your property in its best light to attract buyers to view it.

3D floorplans

3D floorplans make it easier for the buyer to decide on viewing the property.  They are more visual than traditional floorplans.  The buyer can interact with the plan by zooming in and out of a specific room.  This option is mobile-friendly making it super accessible to potential buyers.

360 Virtual Walkthroughs

360 Camera View for selling your home

A combination of 3D and 3600 HD photos, virtual walkthroughs are brilliant for an immersive experience with your property.   A user-friendly and mobile-enabled option, 360 virtual walkthroughs simulate a similar experience to a physical inspection of the home.

Video Tours

Videos tell stories.  Modern technology that combines drone photography with professional video footage can create a powerful impression of your property.

Combine music, superior narrative and text overlay and you will get a video tour that can tell a compelling story of the home.  Buyers will love it and your home will sell quicker than you realise.

Zoom Auctions

Zoom auctions work just like a real auction.  They are safe, secure and fast.  The real estate industry-tested it during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, and it has proven to be a successful way to sell properties worldwide.

Bidders register interest for a property by submitting their details.  Their details must be verified before they can participate in the auction.  On auction day, the participant watches a live stream of the auction and type their offers in full dollar amounts into the ‘place your bid’ box.

The auctioneer calls out the bid if it is accepted as the highest offer at the time.  Zoom auctions are super easy and highly effective in selling homes.

3. Choose the Right Real Estate Agent for Selling Your House

Finding the right agent can make selling your home a breeze.  Apart from an agent who has an extensive database of ready buyers and a solid reputation in negotiating a sale, you will also want an agent who is well-versed in using online selling tools to maximise your chances.

Phi Dang and Laura Voinea

Selling virtually is different from face-to-face selling.  An agent who is a digital-native will be more comfortable interacting with prospects online.  They will also know all the strategies involved in negotiating and selling online.  They are also the best people to advice you on how many virtual selling features you should have to effectively sell your property.

4. How to Use Virtual Selling to Sell Your Property

Different virtual selling options offer different degrees of engagement and interaction.  Your agent is the best person to discuss what options you need to sell your home.

Here are some things to do to make virtual selling more effective:

  • Hire a professional

Investing in professional services can help you sell your property.   Professionals know how to focus on the best feature of the home.

Professionals work with your agent to showcase your home in its best light.  This includes images are taken from their best vantage points to reflect not just the physical attractions of the home but the human aspects as well.

Most of all, professionals aim for perfection and will re-shoot and edit the images/video until they have the perfect image.

Cleaning the home before selling your house

  • Prepare your property

Before photos or videos are taken, it is important to prepare the setting.  Cleaning and decluttering rooms can make it easier to stage perfection.

The internet is a good source for interior design inspiration.   If you are thinking of some major renovation to sell your property, please check out the government’s HomeBuilder stimulus package.

  • Aim for an immersive experience that is easily accessible

The best virtual selling experiences are the ones that can simulate a real home viewing experience.  Images and mood-setting are important.  You also want your virtual tours to be easily accessible through multiple devices.

5. Selling Your House Successfully in a Pandemic

Coronavirus restrictions have not affected property viewings in Melbourne.  However, real estate agents can only show a property to a group of no more than 5-persons.  Large open home and auctions may be affected but virtual selling can compensate for these activities.

Open home for inspection

Some other restrictions that sellers may not be aware of include sanitising procedures before entering a property and a ‘no touching cupboards and handles’ policy during a viewing.

Selling your house during the COVID-19 may be different but it is not impossible.  With virtual selling supporting traditional methods, there is a great chance your property will sell!

Want to know more about online auctions?  Call your local agent here.

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